With a modern production system, a professional workforce and a strict quality control system, Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd always supplies the best products for farmers and consumers, thus quickly becoming a top feed supplier in the Mekong Delta.

Thanh Khoi was set up in 1994 to initially produce feed inputs like broken rice, bran, fish fat, fish flour and sliced cassava. The company’s assets increased from VND400 million at the first year to VND150 billion in 2013 when its revenue exceeded VND1,000 billion. This showed the rapid development of the company in the past years.

Công ty TNHH Thanh Khôi | Thanh Khoi Company Limited

Director Nguyen Thi Be Tu said the company also had to face enormous difficulties because of volatile feed market and heavy reliance on input supplies and costs. In addition, inconsistent freight rates and unspecified taxing methods on feed materials sometimes upset the company when it calculated product costs. But above all, the stiffer and stiffer competition in the feed market is the top concern of the company.

The company’s strength now lies in the close product quality control from input purchase to processing and storage, which ensures the highest quality of its products. This is also a competing weapon of the company on the market.

To do this, the company has focused its resources to invest in modern equipment and production lines, apply advanced manufacturing technologies in the world and apply quality management standards like ISO and HACCP. At the same time, the company’s quality control units inspect every batch of products and shipments to ensure the provision of best products for customers. Hence, Thanh Khoi’s products not only have stable quality but also have low prices. These are strong competitive edges on the market.

Công ty TNHH Thanh Khôi | Thanh Khoi Company Limited

Moreover, the company always chooses input materials from well-reputed manufacturers meeting the following requirements: Stable supply, stable quality and competitive price. Thanh Khoi will send experts to supplying partners to take product samples for check before making purchase decisions. Inputs are only allowed to enter the company when they meet certain requirements specified. Besides, the company pays attention to storage stages to ensure product quality, particularly nutritional values.

With its investment, production capacity and product quality, Thanh Khoi can completely meet the market demand. But, to win long-term competition over foreign feed companies is very difficult because the company and other domestic feed producers alike cannot compete with foreigners in terms of financial strength, she said. Based on their powerful financial base, big companies can easily carry out large-scale projects with self-contained production lines to make quality products for consumers.

Công ty TNHH Thanh Khôi | Thanh Khoi Company Limited

To have enough capital for production and business activities, apart from its own source, Thanh Khoi also seeks preferential loans and support policies from Hau Giang provincial authorities to boost investment capital for production infrastructure and equipment. Then, the company can gradually assert its name in feed production industry, become a reliable destination for domestic and international partners, and contribute significantly to the local economy.

Song Thanh

Source: https://vccinews.com/news/31093/.html

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