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Thanh Khoi Company

THANH KHOI COMPANY LIMITED established in 1994. The company specializes in manufacturing quality animal feed products. During 28 years of operation, we are constantly expanding our production scale and striving to become one of the leading companies in the Mekong Delta in the field of agricultural raw materials; supplying, processing, preserving, and exporting animal feed.

Thanh Khoi has made achievements in manufacturing scale and product quality to offer domestic and foreign markets under the motto: Prestige – Quality – Dedication.


In 2012, when the first shipment of pangasius meal and oil was shipped to international markets, it reached a key milestone and it was also the pride of Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd. The organization continued to get favorable feedback from other partners in China, Thailand, Singapore, … and other countries during the next years.

We attach great importance to our cutting-edge equipment and production lines, reaching the quality standards: ISCC EU, ISO 22,000, Marine Trust, ISO 14.001…



Japan, Thailand, China...are the main export markets of Thanh Khoi Company. In the future, we will promote exports to the European market.

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Thanh Khoi is a supplier of raw materials for animal feed processing for more than 100 companies and machines throughout Vietnam. Contributing to stabilizing the market and ensuring the source of raw materials for production.

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