Thanks to preferential policies in investment attraction and many effective planning measures, Hau Giang has become a promising land with a busy economy, a perfect location for businesses to operate and earn money, of which a prime example is Thanh Khoi Limited Company in Chau Thanh A district – Hau Giang.

After 18 years pioneering new products such as broken rice, bran, catfish powder and fat, with its motto aiming at customers and social benefits as well as environmental friendliness, Thanh Khoi is among the leading animal feed providers in the Mekong Delta and foreign market.

Công ty TNHH Thanh Khôi | Thanh Khoi Company Limited

Such achievements are the results of investment in modern equipment, production lines, factory expansion to over 8 hectares, and the application of the latest technologies from Taiwan and Thailand which meet ISO and HACCP standards. Thus, Thanh Khoi’s products not only have stable quality, but also competitive prices. So far, after operating 2 automatic machine sets, the company has boldly invested in another new one, which helps increase production to over 200 thousand tonnes per year. In addition, strict input materials controls and production process standards are always closely observed by the company. These are the reasons for the breakthroughs of Thanh Khoi products.

At the same time, the company takes care of its human resources, with regularly organized training courses to improve professionalism and share experience, as well as making assignments suitable with each individual’s strengths. The friendly working environment, in which benefits of individuals and the team are integrated, creates an active spirit and improves efficiency.

Công ty TNHH Thanh Khôi | Thanh Khoi Company Limited

Sharing about the success of the company, Manager Vo Minh Thanh Hai said, “We always give first priority to reputation for both customers and labourers here. We regularly maintain equipment, invest in modern machines and train operators to ensure that products meet requirements and serve farmers’ demand for animal feed.”

Economic difficulties caused by global recession are conditions forcing enterprises to be more active, to specialize and find appropriate ways to build their brands upon economic recovery. Aware of the current market potential, Thanh Khoi Company is asserting its position to become a trustworthy partner for both national and international enterprises. Well observing the motto: reputation, quality, enthusiasm, innovation for improvement and creativeness, Thanh Khoi is growing wings to go hand in hand with customers toward mutual success.

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