Food prices at markets in Khanh Hoa increased 2-3 times compared to weekdays. Flood season services such as car repair, canoeing… appear. Many areas were divided by floods, people have been suffering from food shortage for two days now.
In the past few days, many roads into Nha Trang city have been blocked by floods. This causes the price of food at the markets to increase 2-3 times compared to normal days.

Currently, the price of morning glory, vegetables from 3,000 VND a bunch to 5,000-7,000 VND; cauliflower up to 40,000 VND a kg while normally 25,000-30,000 VND…

The price of other food items such as fresh sea shrimp, 50,000-60,000 VND per kg, has increased by 20,000 VND today, and fish from 50,000 VND to 60,000 VND per kg.

Although food prices in many places have increased, in communes such as Phuoc Hai, Vinh Thai, Phuoc Dong… people have been suffering from food shortages for 2 days now because they are stuck in the middle of flood water. The rescue force, young people in Nha Trang city, and soldiers from Military Zone V also focused on helping people escape the flood. Nearly 4,000 packages of noodles were distributed by rescue forces to people in heavily flooded communes.

On the afternoon of November 2, roads such as October 23, Phong Chau, Tran Phu (Vinh Nguyen area), Ngoc Hiep highway … in Nha Trang city were still heavily flooded. Motorcycle repair service therefore becomes expensive. Flooded roads are also places for boats and tricycles to do business. The service of transporting rented motorbikes (because the engine is dead) and transporting renters (because they can’t wade) also spring up. The price for each transport is from 10,000 to 30,000 VND per person.

A canoe owner said that in times of flooding like this, he earns from 200,000 to 300,000 VND a day just driving a canoe on Nha Trang Street.

Due to floods, prices of commodities in Phu Yen increased many times higher than normal. In which, the groups that increased the most were fresh vegetables, tubers, fruits, seafood and field fish.

Ms. Vu Thi Tam, the owner of a vegetable stall, said: “Due to heavy rain and rapid flooding, all large vegetable areas in the province were flooded, and people could not pick them up in time. The amount of vegetables purchased every day decreased to only a third.” A normal bunch of vegetables is 1,000 VND today, it is 2,000 VND today, a kilogram of normal sweet potatoes is about 6,000 VND, now it has increased to 10,000 VND…

Also due to floods, boats could not go to the sea, so seafood at markets also “burned out”. Many owners are sensitive, grasping the situation, so many days ago they stored their goods, today they are sold at sky-high prices. Ms. Nguyen Thi My Dung, ward 9, Tuy Hoa city said: “Normally, every day in the market, it only costs me about 70,000 VND, but this morning it costs more than 200,000 VND and that’s the same amount of food, or even less.”

On rainy days, people often like to eat copper fish, so this item is very exciting and equally expensive. A bunch of white fish in the field can also cost up to 20,000 VND, a pickaxe, normally only 10,000 VND today, is almost 3 times higher… Although the price is expensive, there are no goods to buy. At the temporary market on the morning of November 3, shoppers almost could not pay the price.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyen, a teacher explained: “The copper fish is like “ginseng”, just paid an hour before buying, someone intervened, so they had to accept the challenge price of the owner”.

Because seafood and cod fish are scarce, many people turn to pork after a period of turning away because of the blue ear epidemic (now, the province has announced the end of the epidemic). Therefore, the food group of pork and beef also increased from 10,000 to 20,000 VND per kg.

Prices of other foods such as eggs, ducks, and dry foods also increased slightly.

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