Thanks to preferential policies in attracting investment and many effective planning solutions, Hau Giang has become a promising land for a vibrant economy, a good place for businesses to operate here. and get rich, typically Thanh Khoi Co., Ltd in Chau Thanh A district – Hau Giang.
After more than 18 years of pioneering in the production of new products such as: pangasius plate, bran, flour and fat, taking customer benefits, social benefits and environmental friendliness as the criteria for production activities. Up to now, Thanh Khoi Company has become one of the leading suppliers of animal feed ingredients in the Mekong Delta and many foreign markets, with an average export output of more than 200 tons/year, bringing in billions of dong in profit, contributing a significant part to the local economy.

To get the current results, first of all, it is necessary to invest in modern equipment and production lines, increase the factory scale to more than 8 hectares, apply the latest production technologies from Taiwan and Thailand… operated according to ISO, HACCP standards. As a result, Thanh Khoi products not only achieve stable quality, but also reduce product costs to the lowest level, leading to a competitive advantage when supplying to the market. Up to now, besides the 2 automatic machines in use, the Company boldly invested in a new machine, bringing the total output to over 200,000 tons/year. In addition, the strict control of input materials, compliance with the principles in the production process and finished products are always focused and strictly implemented by the Company. That is also one of the reasons for creating a breakthrough in Thanh Khoi products.

The company also always pays attention to human resource work, accordingly regularly organizes training courses to improve skills, exchange learning from each other and allocate resources suitable to each individual’s strengths. Paying attention to creating a friendly environment, harmonizing interests between individuals and collective interests, contributing to creating a dynamic atmosphere right in each stage of production, contributing to improving operational efficiency.

Sharing about this success, Mr. Vo Minh Hai Thanh-Director of the company said: “Our company always takes the word “prestige” as the first, prestige with customers and with all the brothers working at the place. this. Regular inspection and maintenance of equipment, investment in modern machinery and human investment to operate such machinery, in order to create the final result is to produce satisfactory products to serve the customers well. livestock needs of farmers”.

Although the economy is facing a lot of difficulties due to global influences, this is also a condition for units to become more dynamic, more specialized, and find a right direction. to build its brand when the economy recovers. Recognizing the development potential of the current market, Thanh Khoi Company is asserting its name and gradually becoming a reliable partner of domestic and foreign partners. By well implementing the motto: prestige, quality, dedication, innovation for progress and creativity, Thanh Khoi is giving himself a pair of wings to move forward with the success of customers as the goal that all staff here are trying to reach.

Minh Tuan
According to VCCI

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